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Pleomorphic Analysis    Pleomorphic Analysis

Pleomorphic Analysis
A deeper look at how microorganisms are affecting our health!

The human blood was once believed to be a sterile environment. It wasn’t until recently that this has been debated. It is still a controversial topic, however, due to studies and new found testing it has been proven that our blood is not sterile, due to our environment and new discoveries that show a leaky gut is a major cause. It was the work of European Dr. Antoine Bechamp and Dr. Gunther Enderlein in the mid 19th and early 20th century, that challenged the medical establishment and tested new ways of interpreting how the blood was being viewed.

These studies and tests have led to the development of “live blood cell analysis”, which involves looking at an individuals live blood under a high-powered microscope. This technique is used by alternative medicine practitioners to run parameters and examine immune system activity, viral overloads, bacterium, parasites, yeast, organ stress, blood sugar and hormonal imbalances, digestive issues and absorption capabilities.

As you can see, there are definitely benefits to seeing the blood “live” in real time. It has also been shown that if these live blood samples are simply put to the side for a duration of 24-48 hours, pathogens will take on pleomorphism. Pleomorphism is when microorganisms are able to grow into many new evolving forms. As the sample of blood sits, the cell walls become more deficient over time, as they can only live outside the body for so long. However, pathogens and white blood cells can live a lot longer. As the cell walls break down and the sample begins to die, bacterium, parasites, and chronic infections are beginning to panic as they search for oxygen; a way to survive. That is when pleomorphism begins and this altered state can reveal even more underlying issues an individual might be dealing with. During this pleomorphic state we are able to analyze the presence of pathogenic incubation and observe the immune system and how it is handling the invaders.

Pleomorphic analysis is for anyone who is interested in taking a proactive approach to their health and overall well being. It is suitable for people of all ages in all stages of life. Since it provides an insightful view of pathogenic incubation and white blood cell activity, it is as helpful in people who consider themselves healthy and wish to prevent disease.

This amazing technique allows for many flexibilities, since we do not need the sample to be “live”. People seeking this analysis do not need to be in-clinic for the sample retrieval. This allows the patient to take their own sample from the comfort of their own home. The sample can also be shipped across Canada to us, as long as it is received within 24 hours.